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EVENTS | 26.01.2021 | International events

Webinar: Smart & Energy Efficient Buildings


MATRYCS participated in the webinar organized by GIZ and INZEB as a part of the REDay2020:Renocate2Recover by Renovate Europe Campaign. The concept of Smart and Efficient Buildings aims to replace the standard buildings systems. The concept has gained the support of various interested parties coming from the public and private sector.

The perspectives and the frame for smart and energy efficient buildings in Europe, as well as the strategies, policies and technology developments in Greece were the main topics presented and discussed during the event.

On behalf of MATRYCS Consortium, Assoc. Professor Haris Doukas from NTUA presented the concept of MATRYCS and emphasized on the important role of big data for energy efficient buildings along with the objectives MATRYCS envisions to accomplish