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EVENTS | 20.09.2021 | Other

Sustainable Places 2021: Buildings into Active Nodes Online Workshop, 29th September 2021

2Sustainable Places 2021: Buildings into Active Nodes Online Workshop video

Buildings have been identified as a major contributor to global energy usage, driving much discussion on how to be decarbonized towards zero-energy consumption fostering emerging efforts in several domains. Moreover, the increasing growth of building Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and smart building systems, is continuously expanding.

As technology advances and becomes more affordable, buildings are no longer perceived merely as depreciating assets, but are transforming themselves into smart buildings which are associated with the generation of vast amounts of data by providing significant opportunities for better and more efficient performance monitoring and optimization and enabling better understanding and offering further insights on all aspects affecting (directly or indirectly) their operation through Advanced Big Energy Data Analytics.

In this context, on 29th of September, MATRYCS will participate to the virtual Workshop Data and Intelligence sharing for transforming buildings into active nodes in the future energy system. The workshop invites relevant EU-funded projects and researchers working in the intersection of big data, data analytics, data sharing and energy performance of buildings to present advanced concepts, technologies and innovative results they have achieved, focusing on the following domains:

  • Data-driven monitoring and assessment of energy performance in buildings.
  • Big Data technologies for the management and processing of data generated in buildings.
  • Advanced AI data analytics toolkits and models/algorithms for the optimization of building energy performance.
  • Innovative, data (intelligence)-driven energy services for buildings and beyond.
  • End-to-end data security and privacy.
  • Trusted data sharing of building-relevant data and new business models.

The presentations, round tables, sharing of open tools and know-how are expected to provide all the participants with recommendations related to energy services to promote to the different stakeholders. Furthermore, through this workshop novel concepts, use cases and data-driven business scenarios will emerge to extend the application of the participants’ work.

On behalf of MATRYCS Consortium, Dr Zoi Mylona from HOLISTIC SA will participate introducing MATRYCS vision to leverage Big Data for energy efficiency applications in building sector.

Read more about the workshop and the agenda here.