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NEWS | 15.06.2022

3rd Big Data Alliance (BDA) meeting,10th June 2022


The third BDA meeting took place on 10th June 2022 with two main goals:

  • To enable one of the new BDA members, AURA-EE, to present the TerriSTORY® tool to other BDA participants with the aim of collecting feedback on it and exploring potential partnerships.
  • To provide insights into the H2020 BuiltHub project, its significance in the realm of Big Data, and its collaboration potential.

The meeting featured presentations from experts and active BDA contributors. A total of 18 participants from 16 distinct organizations actively engaged in the meeting, contributing to enriching discussions and insights.

The session began with Marcelo Lampkowski (ICLEI Europe) welcoming the new BDA participants and setting the stage for the meeting's objectives.

Next, Thomas Knight, representing AURA-EE (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency), introduced TerriSTORY®, an innovative online tool designed for visualizing data and facilitating territorial planning. The tool, originally established in France, has expanded its reach to support additional territories, providing cartographic data visualization and analysis capabilities. Attendees gained insights into TerriSTORY®'s user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of defining transition pathways and creating comprehensive action plans.

Following, Ulrich Filippi Oberegger (Eurac Research) provided an overview of the H2020 BuiltHub project. In summary, BuiltHub - Dynamic EU building stock knowledge hub - aims to create the basis for a rapid and cost-effective transformation of the European building stock. It does this by building and engaging a community of data contributors and users via an accessible datahub Platform, from which is promotes the standardisation of data governance and services. Additionally, it is developing a roadmap that will promote a sustained dataflow to the EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO). Through these activities, the project aspires to contribute to the overall decarbonisation of buildings across Europe.

Ulrich shared insights into the geographical distribution of the BuiltHub community, highlighted stakeholder categories, and discussed available datasets. Ulrich also posed thought-provoking questions to the audience regarding BuiltHub's role. Participants shared diverse perspectives, discussing whether BuiltHub functions as an enabler, an expert system, or a marketplace connecting data holders and analysts. This interactive exchange highlighted the platform's versatility and collaborative potential.

Next, Abel Muñoz Alcaraz (NTT DATA) demonstrated the existing dashboards and their functionalities, showcasing the platform's capabilities for data analysis and collaboration.

In the end, Marcelo Lampkowski (ICLEI Europe) facilitated a Q&A session, providing participants with the opportunity to engage with the presenters and delve deeper into the concepts discussed during the webinar.

The attendees were extended invitations to participate as potential ambassadors or pioneer users of the BuiltHub platform. All materials presented during the webinar were made accessible through the official TEAMS channel of the Big Data Alliance.

In conclusion, the meeting successfully fulfilled its objectives emphasizing the collaborative potential of both TerriSTORY® and BuiltHub and fostering engagement within the Big Data Alliance community. The interactive nature of the event, coupled with the diverse perspectives shared by participants, underscored the BDA's significance in advancing Big Data analytics.