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NEWS | 10.05.2023

MATRYCS as an EGI success story in the engineering field!


Coordinated by the EGI Foundation, EGI-ACE is a 30-month project designed to enable researchers across various disciplines to collaborate in data - and compute - intensive research by offering free-at-point-of-use services. Since 2021, the MATRYCS project has been supported by EGI-ACE, and the collaboration is set to continue throughout the project and beyond. EGI-ACE provides an array of valuable resources, such as direct access to technical staff, exceptional support, and a European perspective for publicly funded projects.

MATRYCS has taken advantage of the resources provided by EGI-ACE, utilising EGI Cloud Compute and EGI Online Storage (cloud-based) to deploy key components of the MATRYCS infrastructure. Moreover, the project has gained from technical consultancy, which helps maximise the benefits of EGI resources and components. EGI Check-In is used to facilitate user login to the EGI platform.

The collaboration between EGI-ACE and MATRYCS has resulted in a robust, scalable, reliable, and stable environment for hosting MATRYCS components. This partnership has enabled the development and testing of services focused on enhancing energy efficiency in buildings. These services are integrated within the project's architectural layers (MATRYCS-GOVERNANCE, MATRYCS-PROCESSING, and MATRYCS-ANALYTICS) through the implementation of specific technical enablers.

Thanks to the collaboration with EGI-ACE and its technical support, the MATRYCS project is well-positioned to achieve its goals of improving energy efficiency in buildings. The EGI-ACE partnership has led to impressive results, including:

  • 15 active users registered in the EGI Operations Portal under the VO;
  • Over 1,610,443 Cloud CPU hours consumed in the last two years;
  • 4.1 TB of storage consumed in the last two years;
  • 23 VMs instantiated in the EGI Federated Cloud infrastructure;
  • Access to a reliable and scalable environment for hosting the MATRYCS components, ensuring optimal performance and growth potential;
  • Technical expertise and consultancy to fully leverage EGI solutions for the benefit of the project;
  • A strong European dimension, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers and public-funded projects.

The support from the EGI-ACE project has been instrumental in advancing the MATRYCS project's objectives of revolutionising the building sector with smart energy-efficient solutions. With the ongoing collaboration between MATRYCS and EGI-ACE, the future of smart buildings looks brighter and more sustainable, demonstrating the power of data-driven innovation in the quest for energy efficiency.