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EVENTS | 27.10.2022 |

Webinar "Leveraging on standardisation for building data aggregation and analytics" , 8 November 2022


MATRYCS will be happily part of the workshop “Leveraging on standardisation for building data aggregation and analytics”, hosted by BUILD UP and organized by the BIGG project, on the 8th of November 2022. The session will be celebrated and with sister projects BEYOND and BUILTHUB. MATRYCS will be represented by Francesco Saverio Nucci from Engineering and Vaggelis Marinakis from NTUA.

Despite the increase in the use of energy and the evident environmental benefits of having more share of renewable energy sources (RES) in buildings, the adoption of both energy efficiency measures, and RES is highly influenced by its cost and the impact on occupants’ comfort.

The real implementation of actions to reduce energy consumption in buildings is confronted with the complexity of managing their internal energy systems, the overall target of cost savings and the respect of the levels of comfort expected by the buildings occupants.

The aim of the discussion will be to:

  • Share each project’s vision of contribution to standardisation
  • Identify the common subjects and ideas that could be pushed to standardisation
  • Identify similar structures among the projects that could help to influence the standards
  • Co-define together the founding principles and operational mechanisms of the Community of Standardisation

You can register for the upcoming webinar here.