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NEWS | 08.07.2022

Wrap-up of MATRYCS workshop in Big Data and AI to transform the building sector at International Social Housing Festival, 14-17 of June 2022, Helsinki, Finland

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The last day of #ISHF2022, on 17th of June, MATRYCS took place at the workshop "Big Data and AI to transform the building sector" organised by Housing Europe about Big Data and its potential to make housing more affordable by providing more insights about the state of our buildings and the ways we could make them more energy-efficient.

At the beginning, Gema Hernandez from CARTIF Technology Center presented the MATRYCS project’s concept and how the MATRYCS can contribute to the social housing sector. Gema pointed out that “the benefits from understanding how buildings perform and how they could be more efficiently managed can be significant, considering that 40% of energy consumption in Europe comes from buildings”.

After, Elissaios Sarmas from NTUA explained that the project is also developing a data-analytical tool which will develop an easy-to-use platform for project planners to estimate the energy consumption, construction investment and investment portfolio options.

Continuing, Gints Kārkliņš from The Latvian Environmental Investment Fund (LEIF) focused on the importance of monitoring energy savings in the housing sector and its role in achieving the 2030 Climate Target Plan.

Last but not least, Nick Davies from Switchee, a project working on a sensor which has the ability to collect data on performance of the house compiling all factors related to energy consumption (temperature, humidity, etc.). Nick presented how Switchee can transform resident's lives and helping housing providers achieve their goals.

After a heated discussion, panelists came up to the conclusion that if we want Big Data to deliver on its promises, we need to raise awareness on the importance of data usage among tenants and residents, to set up more sensors to expand our knowledge, and very importantly, we must remind households about the every-day life ‘tools’ that we can all apply.

The video of the MATRYCS Workshop at International Social Housing Festival is available here.

Presentations from MATRYCS Workshop at the International Social Housing Festival are available below: