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NEWS | 03.05.2022

Presentation of the MATRYCS services developed for the LEIF Pilot to representatives of Latvian Ministries, April 29th, 2022


On Friday, the 29th of April 2022, a presentation of the tools developed under MATRYCS for the LEIF Pilot took place online. The meeting, organised by our partner from LEIF, Aija Zučika, focused on the exploitation possibilities visioning on scaling up the outcomes of presented services during and after the MATRYCS Project.

Representatives from the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and regional development and the Latvian Ministry of Economics participated in this presentation with fruitful ideas discussion. Our partners from EURAC (Daniele Antonucci) and NTUA (Vaggelis Marinakis, Elissaios Sarmas) presented the status of the  services, their scope and added value along with results on Latvian Pilot.  Among the presented services were the Geoclustering Tool (EURAC) the Financing of EE refurbishments service (EURAC), the Energy Efficiency Projects Assessment methodology (NTUA) and the models for estimating Actual Energy Savings (NTUA).